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Diversity. The name of our game.

Look behind any door, in any department, at either of our two locations and you’ll find employees from a range of nationalities, educational and employment backgrounds. United by their passion for people and technology, it’s these individuals that make our business tick.

Find out what they do, where they do it, and - if you have what it takes to join them…

Take a look around our departments

Marketing & Commercial

This department is all about driving commercial value. In other words, finding new high value customers, generating revenue, building and maintaining existing customer relationships and managing profit and loss across the group.


The finance department looks after all things revenue related. From reconciling accounts to compiling and filing financial reports, they take charge of the business cycle and keep things moving.


Welcome to the people department. Tasked with recruiting, training and retaining employees, our team of HR experts is on hand to support each and every member of staff, while acting as ambassadors for our brand values.


Taking technology to the next level - and then a bit further - our tech team builds and maintains our sites and native mobile apps. Based in Silicon Valley, our techies, devs and gamers live and breathe innovation.


Our legal and compliance department helps ensure the Claymore Group plays by the rules. Its key responsibilities cover everything from drafting and negotiating contracts to managing claims and legal proceedings, compliance, and data privacy.

Payment & Risks

This department monitors all transactions in and out of the company and is responsible for checking their legitimacy. While the anti-money laundering arm of the team protects us from potential fraud.

Customer Service

These are the people who love helping people. The customer service team is the voice of the Claymore Group. Their primary role is to respond to queries and provide exceptional customer satisfaction.

Our Core Focus

We Move Fast

Our vision is to provide the best customer experience in the industry. All that we do is digital and data-driven, which give us a unique edge.

Technology Is Key

They all work in 10 different departments, ranging from Technology, Marketing, Customer Service, Legal and HR.

Fair Play. And More.

Claymore Group has a dedicated team devoted to handling the day-to-day responsible gaming issues throughout the company.